A little about us.


We are a mom and pop company located in Western Arkansas. My wife and I, both have lived in this area most of our lives. We have taken a long journey and task of making some of the best jigheads on the market today. Our jigs are made, assembled, painted and packaged by hand. We check the jigs for quality each step of the way. With our pro staff specializing in crappie fishing and local crappie tournaments, we have a lot to offer. We are capable of many different tasks on the jigs we produce. From single packs to multi color packs. From internet sales to stores and to non profit groups, for jig exchanges and kids fun days. We are  blessed with all of our sales and new friends that we make. We have taken a step in offering some lead jigs to our website. We still promote non lead tackle and always will, but with our weedless jigs winning a lot of crappie tournaments, we have been asked for heavier weedless jigs and other lead jig options. Our pro staff includes Robert Robinson. We talked on the phone a week before the Oklahoma CDC crappie classic in 2014. One of his friends gave him a few of our weedless jigs to try out. He needed more and he and his tourney partner won that classic. We have become good friends since. We are happy to announce Jared Way Fosnow as our Missouri Pro Staff and Neal Pace as our Louisiana Pro Staff. Matthew Howell is a friend and a very good fisherman. His ability to never give up is a true test of a fisherman. As of 2017 we are happy to announce our sponsoring of the Crappie masters Tournament Trail. So thank you for visiting our company.