Jiggle Jig


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Product Description

The Jiggle jig was our first finished bass jig. We have incorporated a low profile weedguard design on this jig. It is suited for use in weeds and brush or for any fishing conditions. We use a Mustad wide gap ultra point hool with a black nickel finish. We also use a 53 strand round silicone skirt for action at even a craw. The sizes are 1/4 ounce with a 3/0 hook, 3/8 ounce has a 4/0 hook and the 5/8 ounce has a 5/0 hook. The colors are the same as the football heads except the green pumpkin head color is actually watermelon color on these. 1 jig per package.

Additional Information


Black, Black, Black (Midnight), Black, Black, Blue (Classic Craw), Black, Black, Blue/Purple (Arkansas Antidote), Black, Black, Brown (BB), Black, Black, Red (Louisiana Redbug), Brown Pumpkin, Tan, Amber(Mississippi Mudbug), Watermelon, Green Pumpkin, Amber (WaterBug), Watermelon, Green Pumpkin, Purple (Psych Melon), Watermelon, Green Pumpkin, Tan (Gator – Melon), White Pearl, White, Clear ( Tennessee Shiner)

Hook Size

1/4 3/0 hook, 3/8 4/0 hook, 5/8 5/0 hook