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The new W.S.D.  Kast-N-Draggen Jig is here. (patent pending). Another cooperative effort with Pro Staff Robert W.S.D. Robinson with an awesome jig. The jigs are designed with the line tie loop at the front of the head. So the jig will follow your line through the brush that it encounters.  This jig has been thrown in the thickest brush-vines possible on several different lakes. These jigs are best suited for casting beyond the desired brush and allowed to sink. This way you stay away from the brush and less likely to spook the fish. With a very slow retrieve, this jig will encounter the limbs and come on over them, sometimes a light twitch of the rod tip is necessary to get it out of a fork in the limb.  Also don’t forget to trim the weedguards. Fingernail clippers or small scissors work best. These are 3/32 ounce and made out of tin and have a Mustad BLN ultra point 1/0 hook. They are powder painted and have molded eyes on the painted heads. The unpainted heads have an silver appearance. 2 painted jigs per pack. 3 unpainted jigs per pack.


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