W.S.D. Pro series lead jig.


We have changed the heads with a recessed eye socket, and will be adding new photos in a few days. Pro series lead in two and three tone color W.S.D. jigs. These are Pro Staff Robert “W.S.D.” Robinson’s go to bladed jigs. These bladed jigs are made to be dipped into the thickest brush in your waters. We have added a wire to allow the swivel and blade to have a greater distance from your baits. This insures that the blade will turn freely if cast and retrieved or slow trolled. We use a larger swivel and split ring on the 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4 ounce jigs. These jigs have 3-d molded eyes, just for the added touch of a more realistic jig. These are two and three toned painted jigs. We will be available to accept some custom orders. Also we will add more color combos later. These are also made with Mustad Ultra point BLN hooks. A very strong and sharp hook. We carry 3 willow leaf blade sizes in smooth nickel. 2 jigs per pack painted.

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Additional Information

size blade

1/16 no. 2 hk. sm blade, 1/4 no. 1/0 hk lg blade, 1/4 no. 1/0 hk. med blade, 1/4 no. 2/0 hk lg blade, 1/4 no. 2/0 hk med blade, 1/8 no. 1 hk. sm blade, 1/8 no. 1/0 hk med blade, 1/8 no. 1/0 hk sm blade, 1/8 no.1 hk. med blade, 3/16 no. 1/0 hk lg blade, 3/16 no. 1/0 hk med blade

color combos

chart / lime top / orange bottom, chart. / lime top, lime / orange bottom, wh. pearl / chart top / orange bottom, wh. pearl / chart. top, wh. pearl / gold top, wh. pearl / orange bottom


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