W.S.D. Jig was a cooperative effort by Timmy Tom’s Jig company and Pro Staffer Robert Robinson. We have come up with a well designed weedless jighead with a spinner. When fishing brush, this jig comes through unhung and ready to make an hookset on a hungry fish. The blade on the jig encourages predator fish to react with an impulse to devour this jig. Added is a stainless steel wire to set the swivel and spinner further out from the plastic or live bait being used. Also with this approach your swivel and blade is now inline with your jig for easier spinning action. What good is a spinner, if not allowed to spin. The weedguard is a must on fishing brush. Designed with a low profile weed guard for smaller gap from hook point to bristles.  Either cast and dragging, double dipping or slow trolling over logs and brush. The weedless style of the jig, when worked through the brush gives you confidence that you will not hang up, as non weedless jigs will hang up. The W.S.D. Jigs come with hook size and blade size options. Mustad ultra point BLN and red coated round bend hooks are offered. The 1/16 comes with a size 2 hook. The 3/32 comes with an 1 or 1/0 hook with also a blade size option of (s.) small or (m.) medium. The 1/8 comes with 1/0 or 2/0 hook with a (m.) medium or (l.) large blade. 3 per pack unpainted.

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Hook Weight

1/16 no. 2 S. Blade, 1/8 no. 2/0 l. blade, 1/8 no. 2/0 m. blade, 3/32 no, 1/0 m. blade., 3/32 no. 1 s. blade, 3/32 no. 1/0 s. blade, 3/32 no.1 m. blade

Hook Color

Red, Black Nickel